When you find yourself or your loved one in need of long distance transportation with supportive medical services, choose “affordable luxurious travel” aboard our custom designed medical coaches. Our non emergency long distance medical transportation services are bedside-to-bedside and all-inclusive. To see why we are the best option for your long distance medical transportation, please enjoy the details explained in our pages!

Our long distance medical transportation services are designed to be luxurious but affordable!

Nursetrans recognizes the importance of cost-effective long distance medical transportation. That is why we focus our services on non-emergency medical ground transportation with a dedication to comfort. Our goal is to provide an alternative to the unnecessary high costs of ambulance or air transportation. Our rates are a fraction of what air ambulance or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) cost, because we tailor our long distance patient transportation service just for YOU.

Why choose Nursetrans for your non emergency long distance medical transportation needs?

We are an RN owned and operated medical transportation company with more than 20 years of combined medical experience, so you can be confident that when you travel with us, you have chosen the best in long distance medical transportation! We specialize in non-emergency long-distance medical transportation services. Nursetrans focuses on the unique needs of the elderly and disabled, and we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in handicapped transportation services!

We offer the most comfortable and luxurious long distance medical transportation accommodations at an exceptionally reasonable price.

We are committed to providing the safest, most comfortable and enjoyable long distance medical transportation possible.

Our staff is exceptionally qualified to manage our clients’ needs. This includes not only providing medical care, but also emotional considerations. This is why we encourage special requests and suggestions. We welcome clients to bring a family member along if they choose. We are also pet friendly! We want our clients to relax and feel as if they are in their own home, which is why we make every effort to ensure that we don’t miss a single detail!

Compare medical transport and ambulance services:

NURSETRANS Stretcher Van Companies Air Ambulance Other motor coach companies
Affordability             $$             We strive to provide the best accommodations at the lowest possible rates $$ $$$$$ $$$$
Accommodations EXCEPTIONAL! Private patient bedrooms, plenty of room, flat screen TV with in-motion satellite, DVD, WIFI, games, puzzles, music, and more NO PRIVACY! Very limited entertainment options NO PRIVACY!  Air Ambulance offers no entertainment options at all! NO PRIVACY! Other motor coach companies place the patient bed in the main cabin area!
Staff EXPERIENCED! We have only the most skilled and experienced licensed Registered Nurses and professional drivers Some companies employ unlicensed and untrained staff as “nurses” and use inexperienced drivers EMS transport teams are best utilized in critical and emergency care, NOT supportive bedside services ???
Beds UNSURPASSED    COMFORT!       We use only customized fully adjustable hospital beds with 12 inches of the densest memory foam available Van companies utilize stretchers. No matter how much a stretcher is described as “custom”, “extra thick”, or “extra wide” does not make it comfortable. They aren’t. Most air ambulance transports use hard plastic backboards. ???
Bathroom FULL BATHROOM!    All of our coaches have a full restroom with running water which is sanitized before and after each transport NONE   (Some van companies offer porta-potties for use in their vehicles) NONE ???
Kitchen & Meals ALL-INCLUSIVE! Choose from a multitude of included options, from our delicious on-board menu, to carry-out by request from any available restaurant NONE NONE ???
Vehicles FULLY CUSTOMIZED! Our medical motor coaches are comfortable and spacious with plenty of room for everyone and their belongings. Our vehicles are also fully equipped to handle almost any non-critical condition Vans are tight quarters. Even larger vans are still just vans, and have very limited space for patient, family, crew, and belongings Air ambulance is suited to critical patients requiring very fast, no frills transport ???
Customer Service THE BEST!        We love what we do, and are dedicated to providing 5 star service ??? ??? ???
Safety and Cleanliness SAFE AND SANITARY!       We ensure that our vehicles are fully sanitized before and after each transport, and prioritize safety first ??? ??? ???

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